Proven Technologies, Innovative Solutions

M5 builds innovative technologies that leverage a robust stack of protocols and infrastructure on the Factom® data protocol.

Factom® Asset Token Protocol

The FAT protocol is an open source and flexible data only tokenization system built on the factom blockchain that allows for highly scalable and extremely efficient tokenization, programmable with any language and with a low fixed transaction cost.


WASM Powered Smart Contracts

FAT has native WebAssembly powered smart contracts for hyper efficient contracts that can be written and run in popular programming languages.


FAT is building a high efficiency exchange system directly into the Factom® protocol, allowing for fully on-chain and audit-able exchanges of tokens.

Pegnet Integration

Pegnet is an innovative pegged asset network integrated into FAT, enabling instant conversion between a dynamic array of pegged assets running on FAT based on conversion rates set by a decentralized oracle-mining network.

Factom® Protocol

The Factom® protocol is a high efficiency pure data public blockchain optimized with a data agnostic chain of chains structure to build infrastructure and applications on, all with a dual token stabilized entry cost of one tenth of a cent per kilobyte of data entered.


Factom Native Technologies

M5’s tokenization technologies integrate natively into a host of other technologies built on the factom blockchain by a wide array of companies, from explorers and wallets to blockchain based digital identities.