Meet The M5 Labs Team

Our wide array of skillsets enable us to approach a wide variety of problems


The team that makes it all possible

Xavier Chen

Chief Executive Officer

Xavier is experienced in leadership positions for both profit and non-profit organizations, and has diverse experience ranging from SMB, M&A, real estate, logistics, tech startups, and blockchain development. As an expert in working with parties across disciplines to create unique technological and business solutions, Xavier leads M5’s business development and partnership relations.

Julian Fletcher-Taylor

Chief Architect

Combining his broad experience in development, systems architecture, decentralized governance, legal research, and business development, Julian is the driving force at M5 ensuring that the technical, economic, governance, social, business, and legal considerations of M5’s projects tie together harmoniously to create viable technology solutions.

Devon Katz

Chief Technology Officer

Devon is an expert full stack developer and systems architect. With extensive experience designing and implementing DAPPs & business applications on the Factom blockchain and leading development of the FAT protocol and smart contracts on Factom, Devon has an in depth understanding of blockchain engineering and its capabilities. 


Chief Product Officer

Spencer has extensive product management and product design experience. He is very experienced building and shipping excellent enterprise software products. Spencer has managed open-source blockchain projects, conducted human computer interaction research for cryptocurrencies, and enjoys building software users love.

Sebastian Fletcher-Taylor

Chief Scientific Officer

With a decade of experience in scientific research in private and public settings such as the Molecular Foundry at Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, multiple publications in neurotechnology research science, and deep experience in information systems, Sebastian leads M5’s technology research.

Shuang Leng

General Counsel

Shuang has experience in commercial transactions, corporate governance, multi-state business taxation, and real estate transactions. She is adept in contract review, analysis and drafting, and has a deep understanding of corporate structures and business entities. Shuang has experience with mergers and acquisitions, consumer data protection and security, securities regulations, and legal issues related to blockchain technology.