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We help organizations build ecosystems to tokenize assets ranging from intellectual property to physical commodities. We can work with you to use existing open-source technologies and build new technologies to deploy your assets in entirely new ways.

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Our technologies are built on Factom Asset Tokens (FAT), an open-source permisionless tokenization protocol residing on the Factom blockchain. The FAT Protocol provides a highly efficient and secure foundation on which to issue tokens.

decentralized solutions

Practical Blockchain Solutions


Tokenization on a shared distributed leger enables the creation of open and transparent asset systems with detailed transactional records.


The traceability and visibility provided by tokenization allows assets to be easily and securely traded on secondary markets.  This also enables systems that ensure products and resources get to where they are needed, when they are needed.


The affordability provided by tokenization protocols built on the data-only Factom Blockchain enable projects to be scaled efficiently and rapidly.  Utilizing Factom’s unique 2 token fixed pricing mechanism, the cost to issue tokens is fixed at $0.012 USD, and the cost of token transactions is fixed at $0.001 USD.

M5 Labs brings together a diverse team with backgrounds in a broad range of fields, from business and law to the laboratory sciences and enterprise software.